Yalodinamiki Markos Fourlanis company was founded in 1992
and its main object is glass panes processing and placement. It has a specialized staff of 8 people for immediate service to its clients. Its structure consists of the following domains:

  • 1. Proprietary space of 2.500 sq.m. in which the factory is housed.
  • 2. Storage area of ​​glazing and glass processing materials of 500sq.m.
  • 3. 510sq.m. space of glass cutting and processing with the most up-to-date machinery.
  • 4. Operation and production offices.
  • 5. 150sq.m proprietary showroom and offices in Amfilochia, at Georgiou Stratou str. (next to Townhall).
  • 6. Branch in Lefkada, 65 Karavela str., showroom and glass cutting and processing workshop.


Yalodinamiki owns glass processing and transportation machinery.